About Us

About Us


“We impart superior  education in Pharmacy for our Students to enable them to shine in their life”.


Emerge as the favored destination of the finest talents in the country in their pursuit of higher education in socially and economically relevant arenas.

About Us

Pharmacy is the noble profession dedicated to the Development of Drugs that heal and comfort the sick. The pharmacist is an important  member of the healthcare profession who has the educational background and experience    to serve as a therapeutic consultant. Realizing the necessity of  of Quality pharmacy education in the area. PADMAVATHI COLLEGE OF PHARMACY being established from the academic year 1994-1995 i n the spravling campus Sapthagiri, Padmavathi, Pee Gee Group institutions.

Our Chairman

The chairman of the trust and the founder of the institution is Mr. M.G. Sekhar B.A. B.L., Ex. MP and MLA, an ideal educationist and a pragmatic philanthropist, a man of large resourcefulness and lofty ideals. His philanthropy being consistently humanitarian and generously charitable and readily employs his wealth to advance the education of youth and marks good use of his life which is a sacrifice prefers the path of rectitude and plunges in it with heart and soul by building an educational institution. He invests his hard earned wealth in education and receives real pleasure from the investment and he does not put his trust in money but puts his money in trust..